SDS Principal Joseph Heer has 25 years experience as an R&D Scientist, Engineer & Regulatory Professional in academic & industrial environments

  • Strong background in chemistry, physics, engineering, fluid dynamics, and process modeling.
  • Proven team skills working with and leading process improvement and defect reduction teams.
  • Demonstrated creativity in developing low-cost improvements to complex industrial processes.
  • Strong process understanding in solid, liquid, powder, particulate and viscous fluid processes.
  • Hands-on experience at all levels including the research lab, pilot plant and manufacturing floor.
  • Adaptive communication style effective with technical, management, and production audiences.

Work Background

  • Research & Development Director and EHS Manager
    Aerospace Lubricants, Columbus OH
  • Graduate & Post-Doctoral Researcher, Chemical Physics
    Ohio State University Chemistry Department, Coe Research Group
  • Process Development Engineer, Television Glass Production
    Thomson Multimedia Inc., Worldwide Glass Engineering Group
  • Process Engineer, Chemical & Mechanical Pulp Mills
    Mead Paper Company, Fine & Publishing Paper Divisions
  • Battery Engineer, Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries
    Eveready Battery Company, Rechargeable Development Team