We specialize in

Chemical Safety Consulting

Safety Data Sheet Authoring & Evaluation
(US & International)

“Cleaning Product” Right-to-Know Compliance (California & New York)

What Our Clients Say:

  • Larry Kosilla, Ammo NYC
    Joe is fantastic at translating and advising on all technical aspects of Safety Data Sheet language. His advice is critical in our regulatory and compliance management. I highly recommend Global Safety Data.
    Larry Kosilla, Ammo NYC
  • Eileen Conway, NanoNoggin
    Joe is great at deciphering complicated regulations. He provides compliant recommendations in easy to implement format.
    Eileen Conway, NanoNoggin
  • M.C.;  United Gilsonite  Laboratories, Scranton, P
    I highly recommend Dr. Joe Heer and Global Safety Data. Joe has extensive knowledge and expertise in all sections of the SDS with considerable understanding of hazardous chemical limits, classifications and the most current regulations regardless of the state or country. I have taken advantage of his services on several occasions and would not hesitate to contact himagain no matter how minor or major the question. If Joe doesn’t have the immediate answer to your question he will do research to back up his answer making sure he has the most accurate up-to-date information. Joe gets back to you promptly and explains how he gathered the information, supplying you with the documented references when necessary, so you fully understand the specifics pertinent to your individual needs.
    M.C.; United Gilsonite Laboratories, Scranton, P
  • K.M.
    Working with Joe has been a pleasure! He really knows his stuff, he’s readily available, and an excellent trainer!
    GoodCat Labs